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NYSCatholicConferenceLogo  Take ACTION NOW – We cannot stand idly by and be subjected to a 4% DECREASE in Mandated Services while public schools get a 4% INCREASE.   SPEAK OUT!  BE LOUD! DEMAND passage of  S.6089 and A.7833 before session adjourns.

Your input matters,  it will take 2 minutes to send the email and tweet the information.  Go to

For nearly 40 years, New York State and the State Education Department have provided aid (known as Mandated Services Aid) to Catholic and other religious schools based on a relatively simple formula. In recent years however, the State Education Department has forced numerous schools to use a different formula that results in a cut to their aid, despite growing support to public and charter schools. Many more Catholic and other schools remain at risk of having their aid cut. Please take a quick moment to let lawmakers know we won't stand for a cut in aid, especially when aid to public schools and charter schools is rising.